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How To Order Your Book

Updated: Feb 1

Our Fynn Photo Books offer is a do-it-yourself, easy-peasy way to get your photos off your computer and onto your coffee table!

Some of our lovely clients have put books together in 5-10 minutes, on their phones, and you can too!

Here's how:

  1. Head to Fynn Photo Books (either on your phone, computer or tablet - the software works on all of these devices!)

  2. Make your choice between our design offerings. We have the following categories: WEDDING - for all the magic moments of your big day. LIFESTYLE - for holidays, day-to-day snaps, family shoots and all the bits in between. YEAR IN YOUR LIFE - our best seller - month-by-month, year-by-year record of your life!


Our templates have been designed with a chic and simple feel - in order to truly showcase your amazing images!

An important thing to note: our design team has created the templates in discussion with the printing team. This means that these templates are PERFECTLY optimised to allow optimal printing of your images and text. We highly suggest that you use the templates (especially for your cover!) throughout your book, in order to ensure everything prints within the pages.

Please watch this video for more info:

3. Click "Start Your Order". This will launch the online Designer.

HINT: Watch this video for an easy-breezy overview of the process:

4. Read through all the "Tips" that pop up when the Designer launches - these are super useful to give you an idea of how the Designer works.

5. Start by uploading images from your phone, tablet or computer into the Designer. Do this by clicking the "Add Pictures" button.

HINT: You CAN use photos from your phone, YAY! We suggest using a layout with small image blocks for pics from Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp, as these platforms compress your images quite dramatically.

6. In order to start placing your images into your book, you have to select a LAYOUT for each page. This is done by selecting "Layouts", and dragging your preferred layout onto the page.

7. You can then drag your images from the photo library on the left, directly into the layouts. Repeat this process until all of your images are laid out and your book is ready! Yay!

HINT: You MUST add layouts to your book from the "layout" section in order to start designing your book!

8. Keen to add extra pages? Click on the "Total Pages" button. This will open a drop down menu showing the costs of adding extra pages. Depending on the type of book, pages are added in either 2 or 4 page increments. The maximum size we can currently print is 100 pages.

9. Click "preview" in the top right corner to view how your book looks before final ordering. This is a great chance to see it without the bleed margins.

10. You can also hit "share" in order to share the project with a friend or family member to get their input before ordering. Because team work makes the dream work!

Ready to dive deeper?

The below video is more expansive, and takes you a bit further into the process:

Ready to get started? Click here to start your order.



These are some of the terms and buttons you'll see in our Designer, and what each of them means:

  • AUTOFILL: This is a fun little feature that automatically fills all your images in throughout the book. It's a super quick way to get your book designed, if you're not too worried about chronological order etc.

  • PERFECTLY CLEAR: This button will automatically and intelligently enhance your images colour, sharpness and exposure.

  • SAVE PROJECT: This step is VERY important - please note unsaved projects will be deleted after seven days. You will need to create an account in order to save your project.

  • LOW QUALITY PICTURE WARNING: This will appear as an orange exclamation mark on the images which are low res. This will often occur with images that have been shared via whatsapp or downloaded from facebook. Ideally you need high resolution images from your phone or camera.

  • PREVIEW OPTION: We highly recommend using the preview option to view your book before ordering.

  • INSERT PAGE: The "insert page" option will always add a double spread.



  • Each book starts at 20 pages. You can add additional pages within the Designer, for an additional fee.

  • Shipping fee is added as a final step.

  • 15% VAT will be added to your order.


Oh, and yes! Yes you can include images from Instagram!

You just need to pop them into smaller image blocks.

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all compress images when they are uploaded or downloaded, which does make them tricky to print, and can cause resolution images.

However! If you choose a layout (such as the one pictured alongside), you SHOULD be able to include your pics from your social media platforms in your book, yay!

Please keep an eye out for the orange exclamation mark, which will let you know if the pics are too small to print.

Ready to get started? Click here to start your order.



We got you! Head to this blog post, just PACKED with all the answers you need.



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