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Why Family Photos Are More Important Now Than Ever

You may be asking yourself, “With all this chaos happening, is it really a good time for family photos?”

We’re here to tell you that the answer is an undeniable YES.

In fact, it’s exactly because of this chaos and uncertainty that we think that now is the PERFECT time to preserve your most cherished memories. Here are three reasons why your family photos are more important now than ever before.

1. Life Is Unpredictable.

2020 was the year that showed us just how truly unpredictable life can be. In hindsight, we can probably all agree that the beginning of lockdown was a time that put our true priorities into perspective - spending time with our loved ones slowly morphed from a necessity of circumstance to an essential coping mechanism.

Living day-to-day through the chaos of a pandemic has made a lot of us realise just how important it is to love and appreciate the people around us.

Now that we’ve settled into some semblance of normalcy under the relaxed lockdown restrictions, it’s the perfect time to celebrate your family and create new and cherished memories.

With life as unpredictable as it is right now, it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing! If there’s one thing that the past year has taught us, it’s to live in the moment and be spontaneous, because we never really know where life is going to take us next.

If you’ve been tossing up the idea of organising a family shoot for any length of time, then consider this your sign to take the plunge!

(And if lockdown restrictions change again, at least you’ll have some wonderful photographic memories of the great outdoors to look back on.)

2. Change Happens Fast.

Parents, we know you’ll agree with us when we say that watching your little ones grow up can seem like someone accidentally hit the fast-forward button.

One day they’re just learning to crawl, and then next has them running through the house with a chocolate bar they managed to sneak from the cupboard while no one was watching.

Other changes happen equally as fast - family moves away, health situations fluctuate, and…pandemics suddenly develop (who would have thought, right?).

So whether it’s milestone ages for your little ones, or documenting precious family gatherings and other significant occasions, now is probably the most important time to capture those too-often fleeting moments with your loved ones.

3. It’s Always The Perfect Time To Create Memories.

There’s never a bad time to connect with your loved ones, re-unite your families, and create lasting memories that you’ll always be able to look back on with a smile.

And on top of that, photoshoots are a lot of fun! It’s so important - now more than ever - to celebrate love and togetherness in these difficult times.

We can’t think of a single down-side to booking a family session - everyone gets to dress up, crack jokes, spend time together, AND walk away with beautiful images to commemorate the occasion. It’s a win-win-win-win if you ask us.


While everything else in the world might feel uncertain, one thing we’re absolutely sure about is the fact that now is the most important time to update your family photographs - and if you haven’t had a chance before now to take some in the first place, then that’s even more reason to take the plunge and do it!

(We can guarantee that you won’t ever regret it.)

If there’s one thing our dynamic photographic team loves more than anything, it’s capturing your special family moments and creating beautiful memories that you can cherish for years to come.

If you’ve been looking for a reason (or an excuse) to book a family shoot, then consider this your sign!

Get in touch with us to find out more about booking your very own special family session.


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